Miami vs North Carolina Football Predictions

Miami and North Carolina are coming to their game at a fascinating time. Both teams lost last weeks contests and will be coming to this match with plenty of motivation. College football is always full of surprises, and there are higher expectations that these teams will put more energy in this game. A win for any team will mean they can move several spots up in the conference standings and remain in the hunt for the championship game. The match is scheduled on 15th October at 3.p.m ET. It will be aired on ABC and ESPN2 so all fans can follow up and see the live scores.

The loss of North Carolina last weekend to the Hurricanes hurt. Losing at home is very painful, and the players will look to perform better this time. They host Miami in their home ground again and putting a better performance will show they have learned from their mistakes. The coach and players are prepared well for the upcoming game and will look to capitalize on errors that Miami will commit.

There are things to watch in this game;

The Miami rushing attack vs. North Carolina run defense
The UNC is ranked 113th for a rush defense that can’t shut down any opponent that is attacking on the ground. In the match against the Virginia Tech, they were torn apart by the opposition’s rushing attack. The opponent managed 189 rushing yards in the entire game which is a good statistic, but not good enough to get them the victory. Miami had a lot of difficulties in gaining yards on the ground so far this season, but I’m expecting more than 200 rushing yards in this game.  Joseph Yearby and Mark Walton will be players to watch during this fascinating match. They got pace and strength to cut through the opponents.

Disrupting Mitch Trubisky
The new Miami head coach has the defense playing loose and fast. Trubisky had a tough time trying to deal with the Hokies defense and the Hurricane Matthew. Miami will have a challenge in organizing their defense against swift opponents. There are concerns about some defensive players who are also injured and will be left out of this game. Chad will play with a broken hand which could further increase the defensive errors that are likely to happen during the game.

North Carolina receivers vs. Miami secondary
The Miami are ranked eleventh in passing yards per game. They have also played very well in the secondary part of the game. Carolina have very good receivers who are going to keep the speed of the game under control. The coach will look to use his best players to cut through the defense of the Virginia so that they can create more chances to score. More passing in the offense will prove to be a powerful technique that can help the side win the game.

North Carolina comes into this game as fairly heavy underdogs. Their offense has been playing well and only a few defensive errors that have costed them their losses. If they keep up the game in the offensive side, they will score more points than they did against Virginia Tech. Miami coach Mark Richt is reorganizing his squad to cover positions where there are injuries. With inclusion of new players on his team, he expects that they will improve in this game. The game is going to have many aggressive defenses and strong running chances.