Terry McAuliffe Wants College Students to Use Their “Other” Brain (UPDATED)

No, seriously:

2013-10-21 08.26.55

Apparently, the NSU Young Democrats, a group called “Education Votes,” (possibly an NEA offshoot?) and the Democratic Party of Virginia think that college students only care about one thing. Not graduating. Not the rising cost of college, and the debt that is incurred to graduate.

No, they think that college students-particularly black college students, and in MORE detail, black male college student-vote with their….well, you know.

There are numerous stereotypes of the black male (and black female) as being hypersexualized, and this just plays right into those. Of course, you can only post this kind of stuff where you know it won’t be challenged, because that’s the only way you’ll get away with it.

No word yet on what the McAuliffe campaign thinks. While you’re waiting, feel free to read the Cuccinelli education plan.

UPDATE: You can see it better on this other sign, but “Education Votes” is a project of DPVA:

2013-10-21 14.23.59

  • Bill Thomas

    Unfortunately, we buy into these stereotypes by repeating mess
    like this. I am sure that parents like Mr. and Mrs. McAuliffe who sent a son to
    the Naval Academy are more responsible and would not support garbage like this.
    Do something responsible like contacting the administration at NSU so that they
    can remove this trashy flyer from their campus. At the end of the day your
    commentary with regard to this matter is more repulsive than the flyer.