Ken Bowman Part 2.5

In my previous article I gave you a quick glance at a family vacation in Nashville. It looked like fun!

Now let’s get serious. It really does look like Ken and his wife’s trip was a family reunion of sorts.

He left Pittsylvania County 3 days before the seminar, that was supposed to be the purpose of the trip, was scheduled to begin.

Spent time with his daughter, even caught a show by Smoke ‘n Gun!

The point is it appears he stole from you guys in the county. Where’s the smoking gun? The rental car receipt. It tells the story.

If his real purpose was a seminar he could have spent time with his daughter and listened to her band, then rented the car just before leaving to drive to Chattanooga. Enterprise. They’ll pick you up.

Since it’s only a couple of hours from Nashville to Chattanooga, he could have rented it by the hour for about 5 bucks. And done the same for the return trip. Remember, they’ll pick you up. Kinda like a drive-it-yourself cab.

That’s just too much trouble of course. The problem is those three extra days.

Sure, it not much in dollars, but it can only be described as theft. And fraud if the Chattanooga sideshow was just to get him and Brenda to Nashville for a couple days with their daughter.

This needs to be investigated.